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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TTM: Craig Janney

  Craig Janney was one of the top set-up men of the early 1990s, being in the top 10 for assists four straight seasons.  Janney played in the 1988 Olympics for Team USA and also made it the Stanley Cup final the same season with the Boston Bruins.  Janney never made it back to the Finals.  In 1994, Janney refused to report to the Vancouver Canucks after being awarded as compensation for the signing of Petr Nedved.  The Blues made a trade to get Janney back from the Canucks.  The Canucks would make it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals that season.  Janney would be traded during the next season to Winnipeg.   
  Mr. Janney signed 3 of 3 I sent him and also signed and returned the extra copy of the picture I sent.  I admit it seems kind of random to put Craig Janney as a St. Louis Blue on a 85-86 OPC card, but I wanted a Janney signature on a Blues card and I didn't have any of him as a Blue.  I had just finished the 86-86 OPC template and felt the need to use it.  I wish I used a different design.  Maybe then he would have kept a copy.  The player keeping a copy is almost as a big of deal of getting an autograph return for me.

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  1. One of my favorite players growing up!

    I wrote to Janney during his Bruins days and got his autograph back, only it was in ballpoint pen :(