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Friday, January 13, 2012

TTM: Mike Ridley

  Mike Ridley scored 758 points in 866 NHL games.  His best season was 1988-89 when he scored 41 goals and 89 points.  One thing Mike Ridley didn't do enough of was take shots.  Six times in his career he had a shooting percentage over 20% and his career mark of 19.3% is good for 10th all-time.
  My first attempt to Mr. Ridley was a RTS, but my second attempt scored 2 of 2, in 21 days.


  1. 10th all time shooting percentage?? wow, never knew that. Nice return!

  2. I don't think Shooting % was a stat until expansion in the late 60s. The players on the top of the list are mostly all from the 1980s. Mike Bossy is the only HHOF in the top 12.