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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where was I?

  I went for a day trip to Inuvik and I got back 12 days later.  We shouldn't have made the trip, the weather was bad and it was suppose to get worse, but we thought we'd make it back that night or maybe the next day at worst.  The blizzard raged on for 3 days, it even made the news.  Luckily, the company I work for had an extra staff house in Inuvik.  The cheapest hotel in town is $184 per night, so we saved over $2000 by staying in the staff house.  In the north, not all towns are connect by year round roads.  The town I live in has a winter ice road for 3-4 months a year.  It might be the only official road in North America that is located on the Arctic Ocean.  That road was wiped out by the blizzard.  So even after the 3 day blizzard subsided, I had to wait another 9 days while they remade the road.  I also had to leave the truck in Inuvik since it broke down three times and my boss wanted me to get back home ASAP.  I got a ride home in a 18-wheeler, just like on that Ice Road Truckers show, which by the way is coming to town to film next week.  That's just life in the North.
  So I haven't given up on posting TTMs or trying to finish the 88-89 OPC Tribute set.  It'll get done... eventually.

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