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Friday, January 27, 2012

TTM: Jeff Hackett

  Jeff Hackett, over the course of 15 season and 6 franchises, played 500 NHL games.  Hackett never had much luck and often played on poor teams.  In 2003-04, after signing as a free agent with the Philadelphia Flyers, Hackett finally had the chance to star on a contendor.  After a hot start, Hackett began to struggle and on January 22nd, 2004, he was diagnosed with Vertigo.  Hackett would never play in the NHL again.
  The Hackett genes run strong between the pipes as Jeff's nephew, Matt Hackett, made his NHL debut with the Minnesota Wild this season.  Mr. Hackett signed 3 of 3 and kept a copy of the picture as offered.  Thank you Mr. Hackett.


  1. What Address did you use for him?

    1. I actually don't keep track of the actually entire addresses. I probably should. What I kept was Windermere, London, ON. I didn't keep the house number or postal code.