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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012-13 Panini Classics Box Break

  There are times when the buyer remorse sets in immediately after you click that Buy It Now button, and this was one of those times.  I was really drawn in by the base cards.  An odd assortment of retired superstars, stars, veterans and forgottens.  I fought off the first urge to buys a box at $180 plus s/h, but then I saw a box at $170 with free shipping, and I did dumb. 

   The fronts of the base cards didn't disappoint.  I love the design and the fonts used.  I can see myself trying to fill out a set and then getting extras for TTM.  After one box, I had the set 9% complete.  That's right, I got 18 base cards out of the box.  It did register at some point before I bought the box that I would only get a very small portion of the set but it didn't hit home until I finished opening my packs.  As for the photos, the set seems hit and miss.  In the three above, I really like the Nicholls picture.  The picture is really clear and he jumps out from the background.  On the other hand, when did Brent Sutter play?  Was it the 80s or 90s, or was it the 40s or 50s.  Seriously, a black and white photo??  Totally unacceptable for a player who wasn't Original Six.

   At first glance I like the backs of the cards.  I'll take the brief bio of the player as opposed to complete stats.  I can get season-by-season stats for any of these players on Hockey Reference.  I actually found the bios to be interesting.  Milt Schmidt's first paycheque, the runner-up to Bobby Orr for the Calder, Marty McSorley building up his credits for his IMDB page by making appearances in Bad Boys and Con Air.  No, there isn't a hyperlink on the card itself.  I wonder if IMDB paid for that ad?  The only thing I'd like to have added is the first and last year of the players career.  It' be nice to have, especially for the obscure players.  I am looking at you Bruce Shoebottom.

Dear Mr. Shoebottom.  
            Please don't punch me in the face.  I loved you in Zamboni Rodeo.

  In each pack there is a Retired Numbers Banner card.  I didn't realize they came one per pack.  They suck.  I am not even going to scan one.  "Hey, I got a banner card in this case of beer"  "Awesome!"  "Hey, I got this banner card in a $30 pack of cards"  "You're a sucker!" 

   Speaking of being a sucker, let's look at my auto haul.  Craig Hartsburg, a three time all-star, as in all-star game, not 1st or 2nd team.  Geoff Courtnall, a one-time 40 goal scorer.  Brent Sutter, one time 100 points and one all-star game.  I actually passed up on the Geoff Courtnall auto on eBay, it went unsold at 97 cents + s/h.  I have nothing against these three players, they are just not $30 a pack material.  But that must mean something good is still on its way..

  Errrr..... no.  Anton Stastny, one all star game.  Darren Pang, perhaps the worst player out of the six autos but the most famous due to his tv appearances.  John Ogrodnick, a 50 goal scorer and a 1st team All-Star in 1984-85.  (Goulet was injuried, Messier moved to center, and also got injured)  Again, a trio of players I like, but nothing that justifies paying $170 for the box.  Hell, I couldn't see myself paying $30 combined for all six autographs.  I would have preferred a Bruce Shoebottom autograph.  Although, I do think Pang has a sweet signature.

  So in the end I regret getting this box.  I wish it had 24 packs instead of 6, but kept the 6 autographs and 6, or preferably less, banner cards.  I have a feeling this set will follow the path of last year's Donruss Elite, which was originally around $120, but in a little over 6 months, is now a $60 box.  Once this hits $90, or less, I might be tempted to try my luck again.  It can't be much worse. 

  Did you know; Panini has produced more Bruce Shoebottom NHL licensed cards that all other card companies combined?    Panini 5 - Pro Set 1


  1. I might wait until the prices drop. I've seen two box breaks posted by bloggers, and the other guy's highlight was a Nick Kypreos auto. I normally like Panini, but this is not $170 material.

  2. Egads! That was a rough break. The Pang autograph is pretty cool and if I didn't already have his signature from an earlier Panini release, I'd be all over it.

    I'm somewhat interested in the Sutter only because I have a fleeting dream to get all the Sutters' autographs.

    The banner cards are the worst; what a waste of cardboard and totally not worth scanning/posting.

    Know what you should do if/when the prices come down: group break!

    1. The Sutter auto is available for trade. I added a link to my set building wantlist underneath projects, or you can look at the my 90s goalie project post from November.

  3. Man, I really like the look of the product but the price is killing me! Maybe in the future...

  4. When Panini first showed this product I was super pumped! I thought for sure it would be in the same ballpark as the 06-07 Parkhurst was. Boy oh Boy was I wrong! When they mentioned the MSRP of 180 a box I nearly pooped myself and I removed ANY idea of getting this product from my head.

    Funny this is, I am pretty disappointed with all releases so far this season and I am thinking of grabbing some 10-11 and 11-12 products this season instead.

  5. That's a bad break for an overpriced product, for sure.

    I'd be kinda interested in Anton Stastny's auto if only because I'm not sure I even have a regular-issue card of the guy and he's one of my favorite players' brother (Peter, of course), but not (even close to) worth $30, let alone $170.

    1. I added a link to my set building wantlist. I am willing to trade the Stastny. It's kinda neat though how he puts his number before his auto. It's different.

  6. ...and this is why I am probably going to steer way clear of this product. At $30 bucks a pack, those autographs should be stellar. I like all the players who you pulled autographs of, but without one or two big autograph hits (Howe? Orr? Gretzky? Roy?), they really can't justify that price.

    The Social Signatures card would be a neat idea IF the player signed their Twitter username instead of their name. FYI, Pang did make the All-Rookie Team in 1987-88 and scored 6 assists. He had a pretty sweet glove hand, but he suffered back-to-back knee injuries that ended his career.

    The base cards look good, though I agree that black and white photos of modern-era players are totally being).

    By the way, I'd be interested in trading for the Darren Pang autograph. Email me and remind me what teams you like again, and I'll see if I can trade you something worth your while.

    1. Uh Oh, a Panger fan. Worst of the six, it's not like there's a Andre Racicot or Jarmo Myllys auto card I pulled. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they are in this set.
      I posted a set building wantlist on my blog. Other than that I have a 90s goalie project and basically all over the map with anything else.