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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sportlots Oddball Buys

  I love using Sportlots for my base card needs.  Whether for set building, TTM needs, or for finidng cards needed in various projects.  One of the drawbacks cited for this website is that shipping is calculated for each seller, as opposed to one charge, like Check Out My Cards.  So to minimize shipping and handling charges, you need to find a single seller who has enough cards to make the S/H worth your while.  Personally, I never find this to be an issue.  I usually pick a seller who has good s/h rates to Canada and a half decent amount of cards.  I start an order and it usually takes me 3-7 days to finish it filling it.  Sometimes when I start nearing the end of the order, I pick out an oddball item or two.  Here three oddball items I snagged at 27 cents each, including the S/H.

1994 Hockey Wit #91 Alexandre Daigle

   1994 Hockey Wit is a set of 108 cards.  Each card has trivia question on the back.  I never heard of this set as a kid, so I am not sure of where it was sold.  The set was made up mostly of active players, but also had a number of retired HHOFers. 

1983 Vachon - #83 Dan Daoust
  In 1983 Vachon put out a 140 card set made up exclusively of player from Canadian teams.  They came in panels of 2 cards.  In case you were wondering, Wayne Gretzky was teamed up with Alan Jere.  Don't remember Alan Jere?  For some reason, Vachon used Jere Gillis'  first and middle name, reversed them and then used it for the card.   
1984 Kellogg's Accordian Hockey Disc - Rick Kehoe
This Rick Kehoe is the first of the truly oddball items.  The other two card were both standard size.  This Kellog Accordian Disc from 1982, measures approx 2 inches in diameter.  This card originally came attached with 5 other cards.  The cards folded on top of each other in a accordian like manner and came in plastic puck.

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