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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TTM: Al MacInnis

Al MacInnis was inducted into the HHOF in 2007.  Renowned for his blistering slapshot, MacInnis is one of 5 defenceman to ever score 100 points in a single season.  For his career, MacInnis scored 1274 points, 3rd best amongst defencemen.  His numbers could have been even better if an eye injury didn't cut his career short at 23 seasons.  In his final full season, he was a Norris finalist and a 1st Team All-Star.
Mr. MacInnis signed 4 of 4 and kept a copy of each picture as offered.  Cards were sent to the St. Louis Blues.


  1. Nice stuff...He is on my to-do list. I will try through the Blues instead of the other address I have...thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey I have been looking for an autographed al macinnis 1988-89 opc card for a bit and I was wondering if you knew where i could get one