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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anniversary Contest

  Welcome to the Cardboard and Me's first anniversary reader appreciation contest.  When I mail off a custom pic or card, I send two copies, in case the player would like to keep a copy.  Sometimes they keep a copy, but sometimes they send both back.  When they send both back, usually both are signed.  Below I have a list of my duplicate customs that have been autographed.  They are the prizes.
   The contest will start as of this post and will close on September 30th at 11:59pm mountain time.  I will put all the entries in the randomizer and post the winners shortly after.  The top 5 individuals will get a chance to take part in a draft for the customs, getting one pick each. Maximum one prize per individual, regardless of eligible entries.  Specific details will be available when the winners are picked. 

  Step 1 - Comment on this post saying you are entering the contest.  Anonymous entries will not be counted. 

  Step 2 - Place a comment on any TTM, Custom, or 88-89 OPC tagged post that is dated before Sept 12th.  The comment must be relevant to that post.

  You will receive one entry for doing the two steps above.  

Bonus Entries
  -One bonus entry for each person who has entered the contest and is a follower on Sept 30th.
  -One bonus entry for any bloggers who have entered the contest and have my blog linked on their site.  Please mention your blog when you enter.

  You can only earn entries between the time of this post and end of day, September 30th.

  One rule is that none of the prizes can be resold.  I hate seeing autographed custom cards/pictures being sold on eBay.   I hate seeing TTMs being sold.  When players start seeing their signed TTM responses go on eBay, they either stop signing TTM or start charging. 

  Here are the available prizes.

Stephane Richer Dale Hunter
David Aesbicher - 88-89 OPC       David Aesbischer - Horizontal
Craig Janney Pekka Rinne
Derek Dorsett Scott Hartnell "Suck it Phaneuf"
Anders Lindback Dale Weise - Horizontal
Pete Peeters Dale Weise - Vertical
Martin Biron Tim Jackman - 84-85 OPC
Jonathan Huberdeau - Florida Craig Anderson
Sergei Gonchar Curtis Sanford
Scott Clemmensen Al Secord - 79-80 card 

  The links are to the original post.  Only the listed autographed custom is an available prize.  The majority of them are 3.5x6 with a few being 3.5x5.  The Al Secord is the size of a card.  Other items in the postings are not available.  None of the prizes are personalized.  Which also suggests you may not get the one pictured.  They are duplicates, not exact copies.

  Good Luck



  1. I am in - and have followed your blog!

  2. I promoted your contest as well on my blog "Cards For Free"
    I think I'm now maxed out for entries on your contest! Thanks!

  3. I'm in--I'm already a follower--
    your contest on my blog
    commenting on the 84/85 Jackman

  4. I'm in... thanks!

    Your blog is linked on my blog! http://bewarethehockeycardcloset.blogspot.ca/

    I have followed you..
    After this, I'll comment on the Huberdeau

    I would love any of those cards, but especially:

    Thanks again!

  5. I am in! my blog is: http://anthonystttm.blogspot.com.

  6. I am in the contest. Thank you.

  7. Please count me in! I have a link already on my blog and am I loyal follower, and I will pimp this S*** out too!

  8. I just found you im all in love ttm autos

  9. Oh, and I have you linked on Puck Junk, too--look on the right column, under HOCKEY CARD BLOGS.


  10. Love to get in as this is a great contest! The Blog is a joy to behold. Great work!

  11. DAMN< I don't remember seeing this contest. Well that sucks for me but hopefully you can have a Future one that I will see and enter.