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Friday, September 14, 2012

Box Break: 03-04 ITG Toronto Star

  The 2003-04 ITG Toronto Star set was available in the Greater Toronto Area.  For those of you who do not live in the centre of the universe, the Toronto Star is a daily newspaper.  Dave and Adams had boxes for $10, so I threw one on to my order.  The one thing that struck me immediately was the suggested retail price of each pack - $3.49!  For 4 base cards and a foil insert.  I got 20 packs for $10.  I saved $60 by waiting 9 years to buy a box.  Lets take a look at the base.

  I don't card what A Pack a Day says, I like the base a lot.  A nice full body picture of the player, team logo in the top corner and a single bare across the bottom with set logo and player name.  I find the front of the base cards to be very simple and attractive.  The backs are okay.  A single year of stats and a brief blurb on the player.  The head shot on the back is from the same image as on the front.  What I couldn't find was what position the player was.  For some reason, I feel that detail is a must on every hockey base card, especially the low end sets. I got bit lucky with my box and one pack had an extra card.  So I ended up with 81 of 100 cards.  The collation was not random.  I'd have 8-9 cards and then need the next two and the pattern would continue. 

  I like the foil cards as well.  Full body with head shot in background all wrapped up in a shiny package.  The foil cards is a 30 card set.  Although I have to admit I didn't get to see any foil cards other than Joe Thornton.  Every pack had a Joe Thornton foil card.  In fact, there is a small picture of him on the box.  Seriously, who is the joker who thought that up?  So I have 19 Joe Thornton foil cards available for trade.

  Even with the Joe Thronton debacle, I like this set.  A low risk, low reward box, but it scratches the itch.  I think it'd be a good TTM set as well.  No buyer remorse on this one.

Although I still need 19 base cards.  Looking for the following.
1Jean-Sebastien Giguere60Eric Lindros
2Petr Sykora65Jason Spezza
11Ryan Miller66Marian Hossa
20Alex Tanguay75Evgeni Nabokov
29Brendan Shanahan76Pavol Demitra
37Mike Comrie85Martin St. Louis
38Ryan Smyth86Owen Nolan
46Marian Gaborik96Markus Naslund
47Manny Fernandez97Todd Bertuzzi
59Anson Carter


  1. I kind of remember when these came out--you had to buy The Toronto Star and get the coupon out of the paper--then find a participating retailer to buy the pack--promotion ran for one month--there was a different foil card every day so the retailer had to have a different box each day for the featured foil card--had a hard time finding a retailer so only picked up a few packs

  2. I bought two boxes of these for $2.50 each at a show a few years back. I will see if I have any of the cards you need.

  3. interested in trading for any of your rangers (or former rangers) doubles from this set...my tradelist is here:

    1. No doubles from this box... other than the Joe Thornton foil