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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2008-09 OPC Legends Retro

  I had seen some of the 2008-09 OPC retro on eBay and I thought they looked great.  Then I saw that there was a Legends subset that had the retro design and I decided that I would go after that subset.  The Retro design is based off the 1979-80 OPC set.  The set that had Wayne Gretzky's rookie as well as the final season cards of Grodei Howe, Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita.  I am really excited about trying to collect these.  I got my first batch in from my new favourite site, Sportlots.com.  I am going to track my progress on this blog.  The link is under pagers on the right side of the page.

#600 - Bobby Orr
#577 - Mike Bossy


  1. Love these cards. The best product UD put out under the OPC title ever. Shame they couldn't continue the trend on account of Topps.

  2. I think this was the best set of the past 10 years. Agreed that it's hands-down the best OPC product UD ever made.

  3. Not really surprising that Topps would put a stop to it, though.