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Thursday, September 29, 2011

eBay: Star Lot

  Every now and then, I play the role of the sucker, and I am a sucker for those random lots.  Sometimes I am such a sucker, I will buy 5 or how ever many it takes to get the bonus card.  This lot was for 6 star cards.  No game-used or inserts promised.  It cost me about $2.50 with s/h.  So what did I get?
Star Lot from eBay

  • 99-00 Be A Player Patrik Stefan
  • 00-01 OPC Ed Belfour
  • 97-98 Pacific Revolution Mark Recchi
  • 99-99 Topps Gold Label Eric Lindros
  • 01-02 UD MVP Peter Bondra
  • 99-00 SPA Martin Brodeur

  I really like the Lindros Gold Label card.  It fulfills the shiny quota.  The Recchi Revoltion card has a funky design, so I liked that one too.  I used to be a Brodeur collecting during my first hockey phase so it's always nice to get a Brodeur.
  But why was Patrik Stefan included in a Star lot? Yes, it is his rookie card but seriously, it's Patrik Stefan.  If he is a star then Alexander Daigle, Brian Lawton and Greg Joly must be in the Hall of Fame.

  Oh, I almost forget about the last card.  
  You're welcomed.

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