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Friday, September 30, 2011

88-89 OPC Tribute: Alfredsson, Lidstrom, and Forsberg

#38 - Daniel Aflredsson 
  In 2010-11 Daniel Afredsson was limited to only 54 games due to back injuries and posted his lowest points total, 31, and points per game, 0.57, of his career.  The team mirrored Alfredsson's decline as the Senators posted thier first losing season since 1995-96 - Alfredsson's rookie season.
  Alfredsson had back surgery in the off-season and both he and the team are looking forward to making improvements over last season.
  Alfredsson is 11 goals away from 400 career goals.  In 2010-11, Alredsson registered his 1000th point of this career.  Is Alfredsson HHOF worthy?  Unless he does something spectacular in the next year or two, I think he falls short.  Not coming to the NHL until, he was 23 really hurt his career totals.  Although did anyone really want to play for the Senators in the early-mid 90s?

#39 - Nicklas Lidstrom

  Speaking of the HHOF, Niklas Lidstrom will be in on the first ballot.  A seven time Norris Trophy winner and 12 consecutive 1st or 2nd All-Star team selections, Lidstrom is often mention as one the top 5 defencemen of all-time.  Lidstrom also has 4 Stanley Cups and an Olympic Gold Medal.  Previously Lidstrom won a gold medal at the 1991 World Hockey Championship, making him a member of hockey's Triple Gold Club.

#105 - Peter Forsberg

  I didn't mean to go a Swede run, but it just happened.  Peter Forsberg rounds out this update. full of Swedish hockey stars.  Forsberg re-retired in 2010-11 after a 2 game comeback.  He retired a few hours before what was to be his home debut, leaving many fans disappointed.  It is unfortunate that injuries had to play such a significant role in Forsberg career.  Forsberg only once played more than 78 games in a season and that was in his sophomore campaign.  Forsberg sat out the entire 2001-02 regular season in to heal from a rupture spleen and the culmination of previous injuries.  Forsberg returned for the play-offs and led all players with 27 points.
  Forsberg is 10th all-time in points per game with 1.25.  A remarkable accomplishment considering his prime was during the years of the Trap.  Did Forsberg do enough with the time he played to make it to the HHOF?  When healthy, I think he was the dominant all-round player of 90s and will in on the first ballot.

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