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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

88-89 OPC Tribute: Sedins and Coffey

  Which Sedin twin would you rather have on your team?  Henrik or Daniel?  Both have won an Art Ross trophy.  Henrik won a Hart Trophy as league MVP but Daniel won the Ted Lindsay trophy, which the leagues most outstanding players as voted by the players.  Can't decide?  Why not have both?

  Henrik Sedin won the Art Ross and Hart Trophy in 2009-10 and has led the league in assists the past two seasons.  If had watched the 2010-11 play-offs, you may remember this moment.  The Vancouver Canucks had finished off the San Jose Sharks and were advancing to the Stanley Cup Final, and some genius decided it'd be great to dumped confetti on the ice.  All the Canucks were tip-toeing around, trying not to fall, while trying to salute the fans.  If you don't remember that moment, you are likely thinking that Henrik has thrown his arms up and is about to beg, "Please don't hit me!" to some member of the opposing team.
#16 - Henrik Sedin 
  Daniel Sedin was the second Sedin twin to win an Art Ross Trophy.  In 2010-11 he won the Art Ross and Ted Linsday trophies.  After I originally finished the card, I had to change it.  The problem was the goalie, Pekka Rinne, was staring at me and giving me the creeps.  It doesn't look like he is watching the puck.  I changed the centering of the card so atleast Pekka's evil glare wouldn't be dead center of the card.  I bet Daniel scored on this shot since the goalie was too busy looking at the camera.
#17 - Daniel Sedin

  The next Legend to be added is Paul Coffey.  Paul Coffey has a long list of records and accolades.  He is a 3 time Norris Trophy winner, 4 time Stanley Cup winner, holds records for most goals, 48, in a season by a defenceman, most goals (12), assists (25) and points (37) in a single play-off season, and the longest point scoring streak (28 games) by a defenceman.  He also holds the record for most career shorthanded goals by a defenceman with two career SHG.  He also holds the record for most teams played on (9) by a hall of famer.  Considering his best years were with Edmonton, you'd think it'd be easy to get a good picture of Coffey in an Edmonton jersey.  You'd think wrong.  I only found two pics that could have made the front of the card and I searched much longer compared to any other card so far.  I had to settle for this picture, but at least it shows off the classic Oilers jersey of their dynasty years.
#95 - Paul Coffey
  I wanted to add a Legends of Hockey video to the end of each Legend but once again, there is no Legends of Hockey for my selected Legend.  Not only that, there are videos that make the cut to be added to this post.  It is amazing that such a great player and arguably the second best offensive defencemen ever, gets so little love from the internet community.

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