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Monday, September 12, 2011

88-89 OPC Tribute; Backes, Nash and Dryden

  David Backes was recently names the team captain by the St. Louis Blues.  A first time All-Star in 2010-11, Backes is a regular on the hits leaderboard.  He has back-to-back 200+ hit seasons.  He likely has more than just back-to-back but I can't find a website that show player stats for hits prior to 2009-10.  Does anyone know of such a site?
#14 - David Backes
  Oh, Rick Nash, what could you do if you ever had a 1st line center to play with?  Nash has been the Blue Jackets leading scorer for past 4 years,and has led the team in goals for the past seven.  No other Blue Jacket has had over 27 goals or 64 pts since Nash's Rookie year in 2002-03.  But life isn't all bad for Rick Nash.  He won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2010 and he bears a striking resemblance to myself.  Looking good, Mr Nash!
#15 - Rick Nash
  As a certain song says, it's better to burn out than to fade away.  Ken Dryden won 6 cups in 8 years and numerous accolades before retiring at age 31.  But I don't think he was burnt-out, perhaps just bored.  In his retirement years Dryden has surmounted other challenges including broadcasting, writing a few books, and winning a few elections.  We could only imagine what kind of career stats Dryden could have had if he had player another several years, or how many more Stanley Cups the Canadiens would have won.
  This is the first card that I actually edited the player image.  The original image struck me as the perfect image but the background had to be fixed.  It was a small job but I think it came out pretty good.
#94 - Ken Dryden
  I couldn't find a Legend of Hockey video for Ken Dryden.  It's like trying to find a Ken Dryden Upper Deck card, it must be out there somewhere, but where? So I found these instead.  If you are fan of Indian music, then this then check out this Ken Dryden tribute video, otherwise we'll check out how the legendary NHL career of Ken Dryden began.

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